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     Water proof: protecting your mattress from every day spoilage

     Tear Proof: Courtesy of our hotel-quality MicronOne fabric

     Fool Proof: Optic white fabric allows staff to spot bed bug more easily

     Fail Proof: Our patented Zip-N-Click closure device denies bed bugs their preferred sanctuary

     Future Proof: Outlasts the life of a bed bug

     The only product with a 10 year commercial warranty 

Why Us

Our Mission

At CleanBrands, our mission is to manufacture the most effective mattress encasements that protect your brand and bottom line against bed bugs without sacrificing comfort and a quality sleep experience for your guests. Our products are designed to be an all-in-one solution for bed bugs, spoilage, allergens and breathability. Backed by our patented technology and our commitment to quality, we are the only manufacturer to offer a 10 year commercial warranty.

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Our Customers know the value of preemption

Box Spring Encasements

When you encase preemptively, you profit substantially.

It’s a little known fact that bed bugs hide in box springs; however, it is one of the most likely places you will find them. The dark, hollow space makes it the perfect place for bed bugs to harbor. They will hide during the day, and come out up through the mattress to feed at night.

This is why it is of the utmost importance that you encase your box spring with CleanRest. CleanRest box spring encasements are 100% bed bug bite and escape proof, offering complete box spring protection from an infestation. CleanRest box spring encasements are designed with the same patented Zip-N-Click technology that protects our CleanRest mattress encasements.

Other box spring encasements on the market are not built to last. Made out of durable, woven fabric, our CleanRest box spring encasements are tear proof and backed with our unparalleled 10 year no-rip commercial warranty.


–  10 Year no-rip commercial warranty
–  Industry Standard 9” sidewalls
–  Water-resistant sleep surface
–  100% Bed bug escape and bite proof
–  Zip-N-Click Closure Device
–  Hotel-quality, bright, optic white fabric
–  Ability to be commercially laundered 

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